Thank you for eight years, work together to create | Big Vision run, relay dream for a better future!

On November 3, 2023, Big Vision celebrated his eighth birthday.Clockwise turn to eight years ago today, professor xin-jian Chen led the team in suzhou pioneering park, blew the efforts to become the world’s top ophthalmology artificial intelligence company horn. In the past eight years, Big Vision has worked hard to create a series of ophthalmic AI hardware and software products through active independent innovation, and successfully transformed scientific research results into ophthalmic clinical diagnosis and treatment. At present, more than 400 medical institutions across the country have served more than 100,000 people, making positive contributions to the cause of national eye health.

Today, we are here to review the “eight-year history” and trace back the time of hard work day and night. What we remember is not only the innovative achievements in the field of ophthalmic AI, but also the customers who have always given us strong support. It is with everyone’s trust and encouragement that we can continue to progress and innovate. Making artificial intelligence in ophthalmology a label Big Vision is proud of.

On this memorable occasion

Join us to celebrate our 8th anniversary!

Thanks to every one than the one

Cut through thorns, ride the wind and waves

Eight years of endeavor, the future can be expected

Only the heart can stand up to everyone’s trust and support

Thank you for every company!

After eight years of exploration, we have made solid steps in the journey of ophthalmic AI with our hard sweat and collective wisdom. Our path is new, and our future is a sea of stars.

Chairman Chen Xinjian wrote the future outlook of the company on the signature wall, and everyone under the leadership of the chairman, with good expectations for the future of the company, wrote the most sincere wishes on the signature wall. May we work together in this ninth year, based on a new starting point, embark on a new journey and create new glory.

Share joy and create brilliance

The elaborately arranged scene, delicious cake and happy laughter all witnessed this remarkable birthday celebration. Light the birthday candles, sing the birthday song, make good wishes for the future of the company, the team partners cut the cake together, and share this sweet with someone in the place, each cake represents a hope, expectation and blessing of the company.

Life is not only busy at the moment, but also warm and interesting games. The atmosphere of the scene is warm and extraordinary, laughter, cheers one after another, everyone is fully involved in the game, temporarily put down the pressure of work, enjoy the happiness of this moment. The partners showed their team spirit and competitive sense, they worked side by side, encouraged each other and faced challenges together.

When the lights are on and the dinner party begins, we are happy at this moment. We share music, we share food, we share the joy of success.

Celebrate achievements and join hands for the future

Strive to cultivate the eighth anniversary, and create the future. Since the industry’s first multi-modal eye image artificial intelligence assisted diagnosis system MIAS forensics came on the market in 2018, Big Vision Medical has successively obtained medical device registration certificates for automatic artificial intelligence OCT, vision screening instrument, AI dry eye detector and other intelligent ophthalmic products developed by independent innovation, realizing the advanced product form from a single algorithm software to a soft and hard integrated product. To provide users with a complete system solution, widely used in ophthalmology clinical; At the same time, Big Vision Medical biometrics has also entered the testing stage and is expected to be sold in June 2024.MIAS-3000 is also expected to obtain the registration certificate of class III medical devices in the same period, leading ophthalmic AI into a new realm of more comprehensive and accurate.

Starting again and continuing to write a chapter, Big Vision will adhere to the independent innovation of ophthalmic AI software and hardware systems, accelerate the research and development of new products, and actively promote the application of products and services, so as to provide the power of national science and technology for universal, accessible and high-quality eye health for all.

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