CIOF| Big Vision appeared magnificently at the 34th China International Eyewear Exhibition, helping the intelligent upgrade of eye optical business

From September 11 to September 13, 2023, the 34th China International Eyewear Industry Exhibition was held in the capital Beijing.

As the largest international eyewear trade and economic event with the most exhibitors in China, professionals in the field of optometry from all over the world came to share the front-end technology of the industry, discuss the development trend of the industry, and show advanced products and research results such as ophthalmic smart devices and eye health derivatives.

Stand style

In this exhibition, Big Vision carried automatic artificial intelligence OCT, vision screening instrument, bright lemon eye health intelligent management cloud platform (eye optic management system, children and adolescents myopia prevention and control and early warning system) and other intelligent ophthalmology hardware and software equipment.Follow the author’s lens to enjoy the forefront of visual light dynamics!

Display of exhibits

As an industry leader in ophthalmic AI, Big Vision actively expands the application of ophthalmic AI in the field of ophthalmology and optometry, and is committed to enhancing the professional and technical service capabilities of the optometry industry through advanced AI. With the innovative research and development strength and technology accumulation in the field of ophthalmic AI, Big Vision’s exhibition products have also received extensive attention from the scene.

Fully automated artificial intelligence OCT

In recent years, as a new technology for myopia prevention and control, repeated low-intensity red light irradiation has developed rapidly, and it is also one of the hot topics of this exhibition. Big Vision’s fully automatic artificial intelligence OCT for optometry is the best choice for optometry business.

The fundus knowledge of optometrist is relatively not a strong point. Big Vision’s industry-leading OCT image AI adds an intelligent ophthalmologist to the optometry center, which can accurately identify and label the lesion area of 16 major ophthalmic diseases, and give AI-assisted diagnosis opinions while restoring the real information of the lesion. At the same time, the phenomenon of choroidal thickening can be observed in myopia intervention measures such as low-intensity red light irradiation, corner molding, and low-concentration atropine. Automatic stratification and thickness measurement of the choroid can be performed, and the effect of myopia intervention treatment can be displayed more intuitively.

Vision screening instrument

The Big vision screener is easy to operate, fast to detect, and can quickly measure the refractive state, including spherical diopter, cylindrical diopter, cylindrical axis, spherical equivalent, pupil size, pupil distance and other physiological parameters. It is suitable for infants and children aged 6 months and older, safe, non-invasive and radiation-free. Its “objective • accurate • fast • easy to operate” product characteristics to the experience left a deep impression, harvest a lot of domestic and foreign customers’ cooperation intention.

Bright lemon eye health intelligent management cloud platform

The optometry management system and myopia prevention and early warning system independently developed by Big Vision can be applied to campus screening, medical institutions, optometry and physical examination centers, etc., to monitor visual development in real time and alert notice of visual abnormalities, and can seamlessly interface with vision screeners, computer refractometers, electronic visual charts and other hardware equipment. Provide “equipment + platform” of the whole case of eye health overall solution, won the on-site praise.

The atmosphere of the scene is gradually hot, and because of the common cause of national eye health, Big Vision has formed a lot of trust and support for our customers and friends. In order to give thanks, the exhibition set up an advance purchase activity for “benefit”. Many visitors come to Big Vision booth to consult and negotiate ophthalmic intelligent equipment for better expansion of ophthalmology business, and participate in the on-site activities to achieve sales.

Go hand in hand to create a better future

On September 13, the exhibition ended successfully. Big Vision, adhering to the concept of “AI-enabled ophthalmology diagnosis and treatment”, continues to move forward and has committed itself to the high-quality development of the intelligent ophthalmology industry and the scientific and technological innovation of intelligent ophthalmic equipment, and actively practices its social responsibility. Look forward to the next grand event together with you!

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